And how much of me was EVER me?

How much of me was ever 

[To be] me, and

How much was always 

[To be] her?

Or how much was her,

Because the me I was then

Wasn’t the me I’d be now?

I mean, confusedly, to say

In what way was I 

The object

Or the subject 

Of her charms and s[ire]ns?

Ambulance chasing,

Of the mental


I guess: the haste

Of emergency

And interior[isms] on both sides.

So how much harm 

Was self-inflicted and

How much was she 

The woman 

Who did to me; 

Who did for me;

Who served violently 

To rid me of 



Was I victim of crime –

Or a man 

Himself unable 

To do more than rhyme

His days 

Away; that 

Lazy sod 

Of human clay?

Tell me; 

Do say.

Inform me officially,

If you

Are able 

To bring this label 

To this 

Table of [h]ours, in time

To make that strange

Progress, and – finally – be


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