Part The Second

When you divide a division as

small as a second

you split in reality an atom of your mind.

And timing it right is the diff between right

and wrong,

and losing for so long – as long as

maybe forever – the

love of your life, which in 

my case

is Claire.

No longer boxed in by cruelty 

unbound, I am mentally

sound to break free: and for us to be we

sometime would make my lifetime strife

now utterly forgotten and


You would make it all

as complete

as could be.

You are all I need.

Just to lend you the fun and love and be

of our shared fragility: oh, and

how I want to take this risk with you now;

and how I really do.

Do you, my dear?

And how near, if so, does you decision step 

your gentle but,

even so,

your courageously too?

How near to beautiful bravery do you 

find ourselves?

For Part The Second was always 

the most uneven;

always the most interesting;

always the moment

when risks were either made or utterly broke,

and the wrote of the marriage 

of such wonderful minds

found itself pure and grand –

or just foolish 

out of hand.

And together in freedom can be the liberty

we lead: together as two in the pleasure 

of this home.

No longer roaming planet in anger of 

rejection: instead,

the shoulders 

and head 

of kindness and love, unlimited.

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