Utter gratitude

Am in the fab new Vegan-friendly eatery, cafe and store called Liv, in #boldstreetliverpool.  

The photo you can see above was taken and processed a few minutes ago, whilst I sat eating a delicious porridge and drinking a lovely two-shot americano.  

It’s only just opened, and this is my first visit.  It shan’t be my last, of course.

And so I do truly wish the yellow rucksack was you instead, dear C.  But apart from that not insignificant detail, my life is becoming complete. 

And it was thanks to you, wasn’t it? 

  1. #c #claire #bestsecondcousinintheworld
  2. #Dublin to #Liverpool 
  3. #tcd to #fact to #ljmu to #lfc
  4. not only #myfuture but also a #happiernext20years 
  5. 🙂

Must mention Cousin Ruth, too.  Unsure how any of this could’ve been implemented so astonishingly well without your unbridled intelligence, patience, persistence, uncommon sense, and love.

Love too, yeah?  Love, too.

Me as well, back at you both.  I can’t express how much.  I really cannot.  

And I do not either, equally of course, comprehend … why!

But then I no longer need to.

I think to be loved is – quite enough?

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