The most intelligent humanity in history?

This is such a good past 24 hours.

I have worked with my youngest offspring on her beautifully shaping Statement of Intent for her final Foundation Art & Media project: she has become such a reflective, knowledgeable and well-researched practitioner.  And we were talking about it, and I am absolutely convinced that my children’s intelligence quotients (intellectual, emotional, artistic …) have increased substantially over the past five years.

There is something going on there, something really fascinating.  Are we becoming part of a much bigger, connected entity – smart cities, the Internet and its web, sophisticated self-learning as a norm not an exception – and if this is the case, in so doing are we actually becoming, all of us I mean, the most intelligent humanity in history?

And could this go some way to explaining how the very traditional political classes – old, white, privileged men, mainly – are doing their damnedest to prevent any of the above from coalescing around movements which may one day, some soon day, change all our worlds for the better?



Meanwhile, this morning, after weeks of birthing pains, I have written about 700 words of my Rehab essay in about half an hour, and they are such beautiful words.  The argument, I mean; its shape and progression.

The brain is a fabulous piece of work, when given space to breathe.  And  Liverpool John Moores University gives you that space, and its lecturers and supervisors understand the value of the original thought it provokes.  And just as my children, so my own intelligence has grown over the past 18 months; and over the past six months of university MA, even more so.

Capra was right. Life is wonderful …


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