DOUBLE discourse: “… [on] yesterday’s example of POINTEDLY casual racism …”*

And fascinating ARTISTS gather together 

in the grounds of hallowed PRACTICE and

where boundaries rightly, daily FRICTION 

their crossing.

And WHILE – like INTRUDER violent and examiner CRUEL – 


representative of a supposedly civil service 

does nudge nudge 

and wink wink as she FOLLOWS you unbidden, down to

UNWITNESSED conversation, 

to remind you if you wish to flourish, you must[:]

[NOW } { actually you choose to } { SIDE AGAINST]

the real artistry of borders without DREADFUL FRONTIERS because 

the nationality of the speaker

ain’t yours.

* This poem relates to an example of what I hope is individual racism but which in a young, well-educated intern more likely is driven by institutionally derived colonialism: after a fabulously free-ranging open-minded and highly creative workshop on #Additivism, I was informed in the lift down by one of the less creative attendees that didn’t the main speaker (nudge nudge, wink wink) speak good English considering where she was from.  So I may be hyper-sensitive, but someone who aspires to work for government shouldn’t start with such notions now, should they?

Or in times of Brexit and Trump, is this actually the right-wing narrative of borders and boundaries and of a colonialism we once considered dismissed becoming seriously embedded – once more! – in even the Civil Service?

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