Can you understand …?

The logical thing to do when something doesn’t work is to shirk the duty 

of finding some other way.

And I’d truly stay at your side if your side didn’t have to mean we’d both be taking sides, 

as we slid down the dirty grim.

And if only there were a him and if only there were a her, it’s be so much easier to explain 

why leaving was the end-game.

I wish I could say I want to go now because I have found someone else instead of you, but whilst last year

this was true, in truth she used me,

and then proceeded to discard my soul as if an unholy mindlessness: and for that I leave no one,

and for that I accept no one.

But the real pain now resides in discovering that I prefer a cold and heartless loneliness to a 

cold and heartless homeliness.

And I will hurt so many and put a full stop to so much, that the bad guy I shall fully remain

to the end of my says.

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