The population of the sane*

I decided to choose wise – and work today. 

I made a choice, icy fought, to 

wreak a new kind of hard-did wrought.

And in this choice, and in this letter, and in this always getting better, 

I begin slowly, 




to come to the conclusion that rupture’s been fine: that

rupture’s been wine – and 

it should.

And when I say and argue this should 

that I should ought-


go ahead and be, 

I mean it as icy choice, 

well taken and

well trade-


Where it’s worked for me, 

it’s worked goddamn 


So clearly I need to extend 


the same strategy 

to other hurting, 

crudely raw areas 

of what still is an incomplete life which I lead.

And so behind me I plan to leave 

lying a swathe

of traced out, brought up,

pulled over 

graduate expediency.

Say goodbye to the small number who continue to pain.

Say hello to the massive population of the 

utterly sane.

* Only it’s not easy …

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