How I love life / And how you have shown me to …

I love the idea of life, 

and as I am both intuitive 

in thought 

and possess that ought of evidence,

I point you to the

truths I see 

but also to the ones 

life proves continually to me.

So let me recap, if you will:

a year and a half ago 

I was going nowhere broken. 

A man who feared all

and called for 


And how out of my

self did this trajectory devise,

and resign me to

a creeping position 

of awful familial obedience.

And then this miracle that is homemade poetry 

did spring its bewildering 

magic on the me that was then: 

and so when I began, I had no damn idea

just how it would free the me that soon became a

was when.

And that was when was so sad: no flying, no driving, 

no loving of life’s wiles.

No sense of gentle times in

gentle pursuits:

no sex,

no hugs,

no hidden embrace;

just a life laced with coffees and games,

and escaping the lame

excuses of derisive incommunications.

And now do just look at me: 


to break free

from all those hurtful winding signs of 

cruelty expressed

casually, as banal a moment 

of relation withheld 

as any

historical banality.

So thank you to poetry, and 

thank you dear poets.

And thank you to all the readers and wrote.

And thank you for showing me

the way forwards 

and beyond: thank you for 

tolerating my sad command of love’s trials.

And whilst – even now – I am still

unable to thrive,

do accept my real gratitude:

you have shown me the way I need 

for my liberty.

You have shown me with heart,

and yous are

now all a part of me.

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