Continually …


now, I revise the last: as if a lesson that 

must be learnt, or a hurt before forgotten.  And the last is my past –

not yet all that 

passed – and still, even so, a part 

now of what I aim 

now to leave damn behind.  And so I wonder 

if, maybe,

with another woman and choice, the low-level hatred and 

pain and resigning, like a rain 

so acidic, a heinous


of [con]-

[trolling] both 

at familial stage – oh, what a rage this has seen … what a rage 

this has been.

And so now I wonder, out loud to yous all,

if I am right to break off

with the woman

who I expressed for so long

the very real affection of a husband proud of no 

dereliction of duties foreseen;

neither foreseen nor foresworn – just 

a forehead of furrowed lines,

like the ones yous see 

before yous


A dear – that is to say, beloved and so costly – 

rate of nots 

and cruel … noes!  Yer know?

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