The mea[sure of the enemy]

And as you reveal yourself, 

not the general 

us, I begin to see with 

clarity what the rest did

see so very long ago:

you lie and you fake and 

you take and you

straighten the 

crooked and

crooken the straight,

to such an extent the only 

thing to do is bend me,


like, out of radical shape.

And so –

as my shape 

as it can be

is what I become –

no longer do I allow

thee, my once kindly 

companion and now formal


to measure me up

and to tie me VIOLENT down.

For all of your guiles 

are whiles 

a minute 

too far: and whilst you belittle 


self in your tiny 

procrastinations, I no longer – my

self – will be playing 

this sad game.

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