At least I can 

now say 

I have lived.

Enough emotions have

browed my

furrowed way, and 

led me a 

dance[d] merry 

of every kind.  

And some indeed were gentle

and loving,

and others were anything but.

And although it is true

I never did have 

you*, the thoughts and hopes 

from those two meetings

have been 

quite enough 

to keep

me [w]righting the scripts of this


I’ve had; this experience ever 

so strangely


And so I be-



thing else.  

And as Facebook currently 

reads of me, 

bold[er] I think in sensibility:

Studying at LJMU.  Critical criminology.  Auto-ethnographer.  Poet.  Sane photographer.  Art.  Changing.

And it’s true …

* I mean Claire, of course.

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