The difference NOW is …

The difference now –

between now

and then – is the difference between

me and you; how clear

for me 

really it 

has become.

So we agreed yesterday to separate,

and yet today

you ignore all space 

between us two 

as if once again you have

acquired – bought

and sold – the rights of old to

abuse my perception 

of reality so tad, 

so bad,

so very sad.

But why the difference between

then and

now has grown this mighty

and this flighty

and this slightly 

and this muchly

is because 

once we agreed, 

once we took that step,

for me no turning back

can I


The decision we took together,

and which you now renege

that bitter-


has already

burrowed down deep in 

my being: for me, my mind is

final made up.

For me, there sits no 

time nor 

stasis; no

race to the wire;

no higher reality than that

sensibility I know now,

and which I have in my seeing to 

apprehend and 


all the truth of human there.

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