(In) [the end], start the {beg}[inning] …

I feel today is a

good day;

a day of kindness all round.


Nothing certain nor fixed.

Nothing bound to

round out this

being as



And so the road ahead won’t


be got

without those

hurdles which

obstacle an alive we’d all love

to live; but then

surely a

warranty would only serve to

guarantee a gentle, ever so cruel,

road into

harsh decline.


And I resist such a road, as I resisted

giving up

for so strongly long and

heavy light.


And tight as living will now be


I will see myself

so willing

to do that man

of disposition: the man

I am rightly made

and come.


And so all this time,

my determi-

nation – all stately,

all waitly along that line – to

do this with patience and to

do it with real love

is not

diminished; is not at all


by abuse


or there, you see?


And so I look to a world of future end-




and so I hope to be allowed

min twenty years

of further say!

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