You know when I only asked kindness of yous …?

You know when you do things you shouldn’t 

be doing

in the way 

you are doing them –

and then it’s so sad 

you almost feel glad that 

the way you’re just doing these bads

actually makes you 

quite mad …?

Well … that!

And without batt[l]ing



ing eye-

{lid [put on the 

top of it]},

you just know that your

pain rains this heavily,

that whatever now



the result can be never quite

as woeful

as coldful 

you’ve gone 

and made of all 

my life.

Goddamn it, men 

and women: can’t you

see I’m human too?

All I ask of you

all is to



unsurely but with

life, be able 

quite precisely 

to move into

a happier frame

where being with people 

is a joy, 

not a toy-

ing with savage sensibility 

where nothing at all

is ever


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