And so I saw another world …

And so I saw another world,

and then nothing was the same.

And whilst hate did reign just a 

kinda tad slightly,

overall it was

a far better place than those others

experienced, laced with

bitternesses un


and that black and white 

anger of 

for and against.

And although from our humanity 

this hate I do see

will never proper disappear 


as we sustain our inability to gather real blind,

even so the other world I once 

went and came 

and saw so clear,

exactly when in that awe of your brill-

will to me,

is a thing and a cling and a clang

and a fine rang 

I now never can ignore: in fact,

now never can unring.

And so everything you showed me so good

I understood;

and as all beyond my right 

to own, as if 

quite strangely sewn and up-

buttoned stringently,

and honed like a poetry

so well

gauged and 

staged some better (not like this one,

of course; 

but you know what I mean).

So whilst I still recall

that fabulous world 

of times bewildering and singing and joyous,

no more can I settle justly for second best insane.

And so my thoughts do move to these ends, 

and to these sad dismantlings,

and to these bends and rendered landscapes 

offered up then.

And so my thoughts are sadder than bad. 

And so I weep 

to lonely 


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