Not what you did; what you could!

They didn’t destroy you

and your life

and your thrive

and your times because of what you ever did.



They made you wonder

why and

why and

why and

why you never could succeed

at what you needed to be.


But all the while

with all their wiles

and all their

squaring tiles

of otherwise

free circles – the

undone potential of those

oh so wayward wounds that

real ingenuity

and imagination grow,

unbound by the crown

of other men’s cruel

majesty – you

strangely terminated

your living and

your breathing in

the believing that you

and only you

were to blame for your [{nation}-



They didn’t destroy you

for what you did;

rather, they dismantled you

at every opportunity



just for what you could

[have done].


Far better than you,

they knew of your power

to sow goodness and pride and

that warm humanity inside:

and so this they could not permit;

and so this they had to fit

as punishment

for being too kind.


Your mind was a wonder too far:

a wonder they could never channel


and so now it is time

to hit back

at this … this … this dreadful,

awful remiss of omnipotent men.


Now it is time to forget the bad

they cruelly went

and attributed

and diagnosed

and surveilled

and imposed

and reposed



{made}] on you.


Now it is time to


{member}] – above

all –  the self they


and the reality, after


you now really 



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