Guay? No way …

Is the guay of that long way –

which hasn’t 

ever – 

ever how to 

now retreat itself?

And so I proceed to dismiss 

entire nation-


because horrible 

peeps who have entered my life have 

inspected my soul and found

it damn wanting.

And though older lives know better than I, it is clear

that my place never was

in these reluctantly 

given embrace-


And so four women abandoned 

me to my own [toys and] devices: 

and so now 

all that is left for me to do with my


is advantage this awful

cold-exposed exploitation.

The tablet which sees every pore and solitude,

as reproductive organ replaces true love, never 


So let’s come back to this guay I inscribe: 

guay did yous – 

all four of yous, it 

seems – commit this angry when?

When and where?

What and how?

Was it plan or just 

terrible denominator?

Why did yous 

choose to go together 

and exactingly hurt me dreadful, 

instead of –

then – touch me kind and, in some way gentle,

relent from rigid and  

prior plan?

However right yous believed your strategy


it surely is

time to take 

your hats off to me,

in some kind of real acknowledgement and praise:

no longer am I where 

I previous sadly was. 

And now it’s why time 

yous just saw me …

… well …

quite differently.

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