Dissertation poetry 

In creating new thought 

specifically man can birth a part of this planet

which tangentially constructs 

a good forward way to

light a path of [un]certain measure:

but a treasure nevertheless of 



And maybe I spoke too

soon; and maybe

I spoke too late.

And maybe the noose of alternative fact

hangs more than a sadness of

mournful prac-


ice (alternatively, 

iced tea!).

A hope for the future, then, out of cells

of sold and bought:

a man-



of speaking and teaching and 

considerable ought.

And whilst I dance and jump and joy and 

{t[r]oy}, like 



quite sneakingly b[u]oyed,

I can’t help thinking that between thought 

and sex,

the latter is far more fun than rum, whilst 

thought has quite 

the grandest 

Guinness of


time ever ever!

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