Beautiful women [I see them everywhere, by now]

I see beautiful women every street of the week,

and the beautiful women I see as I walk

are beautiful 

not only of face 

and legs 

and body shape in all

but more significant for me

what their brashnesses 

and sassy

natures and goddamn souls do make

of life and its [mass-



And though of them all 

you’d be way by most

the best of all forever, 

at last it becomes me to rest my

passion expressed so 

unwelcomingly for you,

and begin to look in other place for someone 

else outwith your name.

‘Twas quite an idea, this one: quite a wild idea.

And I love you still, though no longer does it hurt

to imagine a Dublin without you.

Does this make me wise, then?

Does this make me elder?

Does this make me good and cool – in some way ruling my


nesting my test; 

the mettle so burnished of wisdoms grand

finally, ultimately, more calmly mine?

And it’s not that I would never want to see you again:

quite the opposite I assure you; quite the opp!

It’s just that 




the idea of no longer being


no longer tears me (in the sense of crying

and ripping)



My heart no longer bleeds – 

neither your mother 

makes me cry,

nor do you 

make me 

want to die.

I have recovered my


through the force of 

good work: 

now I must proceed to discover another 

woman of fab bold:

a woman I shall one day be able to hold and 

tell and

fuck and

kiss and

love and

life and 

hug and


and together with her 


the grand goals I can slow begin to heal.

For whoever you’ll be, 

you have 



my steal!

“Let Me Roll It (Remastered 2010)” by Wings & Paul McCartney on Amazon Music.

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