About to begin the ad-



re {of} watching yous

watch me 

watch yous.

The voyeurs we are, 

watched by the voyeurs we become, make

us all original sinn-


All wishing to fall in

life with people we hardly

love but want to

strife with a madness unlimited. 

A marriage of fabulous





And I will love you always:

those moments

of observation astonished


never leave me, dear C.

* Today I officially start my MA dissertation research for the Liverpool John Moores University School of Law’s MA in Criminal Justice, which I have been enrolled on since September 2016.

I will be investigating into the aesthetic of surveillance, understood in its broadest sense of how we all – institutions, organisations and individuals – track and keep tabs on each other.

I will be carrying out the research at the galleries of FACT Liverpool, Wood Street, Liverpool, during the current and next exhibition there.

It’s been a long road to this point: and I think it actually all started back at the beginning of the 21st century when I was still living in Spain, and I asserted I had been placed under the kind of total surveillance only Snowden – a decade later – would care to confirm existed.

I couldn’t have made it to today without the fulsome and generous support of Mike, Mark, Emma, Helena, Noel, Ruth, and all the friends I have been lucky enough to make since starting on the MA.

So here’s to the 31st August 2017 – and deadline day!!!

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