The before vs after [of …]


If you can’t love the person you once loved before

you’ll never love the person you love after.


And so all of the brooks and st[reams] of pain,

and rivers of tributation

which tribu[late] so curiously,

mean no[thing] if not built on [found]ations

of loves now well lasting,

and yet even so

now well passed-



And so though I continue to sing your

wondro[us praises, Claire],

I am fully aware of the mo[ment] I will

stray, and go away,

like m[our]ning visitor at Irish wake,

in the evening of a be[loved one]’s


and the whole of it is that

[I love you] more than ever.


Ain’t a [man a fool]ish thing

when caught with the bling of

im[possible] life and future?


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