Your nasty nasty untold, but now [gone and] narrated

The d[e{sens}]itising 

sense of 

my essence of mind quite blown

at this moment,

as I struggle to understand

the enormity of 

the cruelty yous

both committed 

against me,

makes me realise my truths 

were – clearly – 

worthy of the fear

that chooses to run 

real risk of

revelation in its attempts,



in the event,

to [con{tain]t} the things 

I just had to say.

And so the crimes yous have 

remaindered over and 

again –

like books unloved any


by even 

those keener 

readers and 

[w]righters of loves damn 

strange – stage unkindnesses


in fact, zillions of moot points

no longer confusing me

in any way,

or call.

For yous have hated me 

from the 

beginning of when,

and only my trueness to

honesty and 



been able to beat

back your hatred hatred done;

your hardly dating

thirst to conquer this awful 

sated hurt.

And so it has shown –


to most of us who manifestly 

didn’t – that 

intelligent and beauty-


women like 


can be just as hateful

as any man 

ever was.

And so my humanity 

has shone in the


of any consistency in any of your


even as the humility 

I really should maintain –

on seeing right and 


and tight – begins to 

become so badly shot to pieces 

full on 

comprehending fully

the nasty nasty untold 

[you sold me]: an untold –

quite obviously – 

now sung and narrated.

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