Lo[¡ve’s!] re{war}d

When love has – absolute! – no reward 

it finally extinguishes 


Like match once lightly lit and burning:

now burnt out like 

that shout of joy

you once, just

once, regaled me with.

And so my life turns plain to hate:

all explanation too

late to suffice, like

office incommunicado – an 

idiocy of the mad and bad and sad.

Oh you burnt me broad.

Oh you burnt me fine.

Oh you burnt me like that line you marked.

And now it is we lack 

the back 

that made us one in beauty come,

all that is left

is war of two: 

where I and you 

now will


meet …

4 thoughts on “Lo[¡ve’s!] re{war}d

      1. I would say it more but you are like me, you think praise is usually insincere and both of us are not good at taking it! So sometimes I don’t ‘say’ it but I do often OFTEN think it my talented friend. Just know that. For keeps.

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