Certain.  Things.  About.  Life in our.  Century.

Make me.  Stop.

And think:

For example.  When choice overwhelms.  

Ain’t it.

Much easier. 

To believe in our.



Of future: 

Of everything we do.

[{Our fate too.]

Late to.


Than some kind.

Of unkind.

Freedom made light: 


The liberty. 

Of choice.  Which.  Breaks.

And brakes.

Our humanity:

That.  Free.  Will.


In.  All.  



Only.  Serves.




* And so you might argue that those awful thoughts – like “It was meant to happen …”; “Everything happens for a reason …”; and “Just wait, and eventually it’ll all be for the best …!” – are only the result of hapless consumers, no longer human beings in any useful shape or form, battling to survive the dictatorships of materials: the physicality of life made utterly technological …

And our only solution lies in believing this tragic uselessness of wretched existences, lived sadly in the thrall of ever so saddening distance, was fucking meant to …

… be

all along!

Yer know what I mean?  Do yer?

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