a love poet who can’t love

i’ve been run over and retreaded 

like mould broken bad.

sadder than i ever expected 

of medicinal 

had and did.

and something quite wrong 

rhymes my song

as i long too wildly 

the flung of the

changes i once did so

want to be-


and thus in weary future 

my past does re-

side, like foolish thoughts of some physical


where you laid by my ride: 

an encounter summed 

up, once 

contemplated and now

how baldly lost 

as the ugliness and cost 

of age does 

taint my soul-

ed and bought, when really i ought

to have loved songs ago.

and so it is true: 

there is no way back.

bridges are burning, collapsing 

around me:

and crashing noise does re-

sound me, even as 

my sensual being still wonders 

if be-

rang could once ago 

even so 

have been exactly 

that sang of me and my life.

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