After before 

After before is 

Now, and 

Now is 

When I want to be:

To be with you

Where you is easy-

‘er than goddamn


I love you C, or at


Me idea-ing 

Of what – for 

Me – you

Really were then:

That when,

When then was the


which I 

Almost did

Reach, but couldn’t 


Mic into true


Why the words did not

Flow, and the you

I now know 

Have not contacted me 



Anyone’s ‘fess:

A guess of the 

Blind led from

Behind, maybe.

So my love is 

Right futile:

A love of the loss that 

Poet left without

Life in his strive 

Makes this


A reckoning cost,

To madly be with-



In who gives any toss!

And if one day we would

Meet at table of

Evenly pleasure, where 

Food became the

Thought of our music, and

Such music as  

This was the beauty

Harmonics and


Of encounters and

Of texts and

Of our sex and

Of our real all …

Why then we 

Should be so

Fab: keeping 

Tabs and

Windows on

Every splendour of

You and me,

My dearest dearest geeky C.

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