When the prison they put you in 

is the freedom they allege you have,

and the wondrous tech and notifications

blaze trail of distraction through your blessed humanity,

just see what I mean when I say you are intended

to sense you have this liberty

when, really, it is meant to enslave.

Imagine, then, a world where everything is good

or, any 

way, that’s what they say you should believe full on!

And if shit that’s goddamn bad happens to individual,

it’s only because this individual’s so goddamn bad themselves.

And imagine, if you can, that they tell us fabulous freedoms 

are always the main goal of everything they do for all 

and us; and imagine, if you will, that still we do believe this,

what, then, would be the fucked society 

we’ve gone and dumb constructed?

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