#criminaljustice vs #learningtogether (or how #ljmu’s master changed my life [and what next …])

I’ll be giving a presentation this Wednesday on the Learning Together module at Liverpool John Moores University.  It’s in the context of the MA in Criminal Justice I have been studying there since September 2016.

I have ignored, in certain details, the remit and framework of the assignment in question – in the interests of poetic licence.

My work in artistic discourse over the past year or so leads me to believe that many things can be liberatingly and productively expressed if we use such art to inform the spaces and ways we speak.

I have asked my module leader if this is OK.  I don’t presume to have any right to redefine what a module leader, who is one of the most fabulously inclusive people I ever had the honour to meet, believes is correct for the learning dynamics she uses.

If it isn’t correct, I shall give a different presentation instead.

But either way, here is the presentation my artistic soul led me to put together yesterday.  The original PowerPoint version is timed for each slide, but I was unable to upload this to Google Drive – presumably because (really!) it’s over 500 MB big.

The PDF you can see below, meanwhile, is less than 10 MB.

For once in my life, I love PDF.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to get across in the presentation.

And I hope I am doing some useful for LJMU, Criminal Justice, and projects like Learning Together more widely.  That’s my good intention, of course; though equally, of course, the road to there is goddamn paved with them.



Also, I would love to get feedback if you are of a mind; and if this sort of thing is the sort of thing that can inspire you.  Comments on a virtual postcard, please: either email at mils@lifeworklab.uk, or simply let me know your thoughts at the end of this post.


“So what next?” you may ask.  A good question.  I have a dissertation to work towards at the end of August 2017; three assignments for early May; and an internship – on Learning Together-related cooperative learning processes – to hand in for early April.

My life, and my ability to understand life more generally, is much better than it was a year ago.  In the main, it is due to the opportunities really good people are offering me all the time.  From people in FACT Liverpool and LJMU to even Liverpool Football Club, you are all doing your very best to wipe from my being the destructive paranoia that has hurt me so often over the past decade or two.

I still have a way to go, mind; so be gentle with me.  I do try and learn as quickly as I can, but am not always able to fulfil your expectations of me as I’d prefer.

At least I know, with every step back, a step and a half forwards is where I now go.


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