“… #connectedcities: MY challenge …”

I see you so love the idea of fab support

when haptic tech clever 

clicks our old synapses 

this heatedly up and out, and down 

and out-

[wards], and in that sound rage of neighbour-


and makes us much more than 

lovers of sex-


al[l] counter;

makes us responders 

of fun;

makes us astonishing extenders 

of sly wrap[s]-


tentacles; stealth-

like of webby-based 

digit and all.

But if you think your help

will become 

the support of wit-

riven ships, 

off Harvard-[liked]

sees, I assure you

not all of us trust their authority 

with that much alacrity.

And whilst you say all this ingenuity you love 

will make us more us and 

extend our humanity, 

what’s to actually describe a quite

different ark?

What’s to 

say that between might and

may, your blessed society of 


intellectuality will extend not

our brains into the 

whirled we’d explore 

but, rather,

much more make it 

easy[err] for you to

inject our minds

with your sortings;

your resortings;

your endorse-




invading our reigning of life?

Why, then, can you fairly assume

everything you propose

as grand city boon, 

and soon

to make 

our connections so connected 

in rooms and roams 

and homes and 


will inevitably free our intelligence from


After all, aren’t the paymasters of your fascinating tech 

the same gets who oppress … 

… the sore 


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