Feeling good-about [you and me]

Feeling good-about you

Is feeling good-about me,

For if the things you do

And the stuff I remember 

Become of me a trusting soul,

Then all of you is healing me

Beyond and above and 

Inside and outwith 

This fear

And misery 

Life once

Lived of me.

So I thank you again,

Dear C, 

For real 


I know you no longer

Could hold me by 

My curious hand,

But banned or not I am,

At least in this I find

This mind of mine

Is much more

Beauty than all the 

While before you met 

And hugged 

Me out of this 

Heartfelt good-about.

(And I remember it still:

Your face of open kind;

Your hair of blonde delight;

Your ciggie well

Sucked and smoky

Lit up;

Your voice of youth

So grave 

In its truth, and so

Old in its wisdoms:

“Fecking hell –

Just enjoy this life, 

Will you?”)

And so I see 

Your presence here

Has saved my life 

And made me yellow:

Not yellow of cowardice

Nor frightened spirit,

But the glow of future,

Of belief in my self,

Of willing 

To do more, not as

Chore nor task but

Real actual ask!

And no one has done this

Ever in my life:

How puzzling, then, 

The most

Beloved of 

All can

Never be my wife.

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