And so as poet, my job is now done …

And so as poet, my job is now done:

my trace is brought and

rung as 

ought, and taught by those

far whyser than 

shall ever see or

will ever be

or could ever deem 

as a seemly way forward,

in such a stream

of curious thoughts,

luxurious as apparent we 

might ream 

even when the coincidences

I so desired

are no longer in sight.

And I thought this day 

would never 

come; and yet, even so,

this come has run.

And although I will miss the

hug of your arms,

and the sound of your voice,

and the quizzical wonder

of your wonderful


I do must admit 

I have conquered the beat of the

soul of 

my [he]art: 

the centre of my sun;

that dawn I sincerely 

expected quite soon; that 

counterpoint to the dusk

which begins to

make a husk of my time on 

this rock; that dark in your 

sex and soul,

and warm and hold,

I now

know full clear

was never to be for me.

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