The solace I crave 

The solace I crave is not 

built from rage 

but a gentle understanding 

that your surveillance is 

as wrong

as wrong it could 

ever be.

And where 

you think 

you can help

you simply imprison 

and incarcerate

in an environment only you have

designed from the highs

your disagreeable

assumptions of intelligences artificial

lead you to arise

and size up,

in that fascism of senses

and urgencies,

and Machiavellian certainties you 

proclaim as 

saviours of this human race,

now losing 


so broad and wide.

And is it really so hard to see

that the 

solace I crave belongs

to the humanity I display – 

never the illness nor 

condition you assert contains 

me within parameters 

and paradigms 

assigned by your eternally

brutal thee?

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