HER feelings

She only ever heard of HIS


And she knew, she realised, she was all

too aware

that carelessly,

to a degree,

she’d neglected to say her own.

But just because she’d not enunciated,

nor rated interminably,

how she thought and felt 

didn’t mean her feelings so deep and real

had never existed to be called

on in sad – those moments when his

abandonment right off the cuff 

meant the confusion of cumbersome 


moneyed lives.

And in the end – and so the end did arrive –

he left her standing: 

much as banding about the loosening 

bonds have made of all of them finally 

watchers and spies of the slowly corrosive


that make up a love based 

mostly on false.

And just because she was unable to communicate

doesn’t mean 

she had nothing to say …

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