Why I just HAD to take THIS long …

It was impossible for me 

To trust yous last 

Year because

Precisely it was

Yous who had made

Me decades 

Alone and possessed – caressed like

Biting lime  

Burning its 

Holes awful –

Of the paranoia yous deliberately


Up and around my


And [he]art: lost

And only  

Lonely, I guess.

And yous were the reason 

I couldn’t 

See the path clearer

To the love of the 

Most beautiful second 


A man could 

Ever have

Maddeningly rejected; 


Ever have ejected.

And this then, my dear:

Without fear of 

Unkind any,

Will you now many hurry 

To my side?

Will you rub your love up and 

Down my wise? 

And why can’t you,

In FACT, marry your

Beauty and 



Me fine and trying, never

Lying – just

Your ever so 

Long body 




Laid out like …


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