Husband and wife: no longer a life / Lover and loss: the cost of my freedom

And so offspring observed last night,

Mightily frustrated I think,

Not that we no longer loved each other but

Something far far worse:

In social media terms a curse, a crime;

An unengagement of 

Terrible size;

A rejection of hope of sin quite cardinal;

For not to like another is far more hurtful 

Than to love each other no more.

And so she was right: 

For she is perceptive;

She is an artist already in her very

Own[ed] sight;

She is made of the mould which I used to

Break out of the prison 

Your DSM had put me in:

And I still do wonder if you

Helped put me there; 

I still do wonder if 

As much as K, 

Dearest M you were just waiting 

To get one over my

Ability to enjoy my life

Even when assigned disability.

So K and M …

… and so

M and K

In different ways –

The latter, calculating 

Schoolmarm of 


The former, woman of 

Awful reversals –

Did hurt me still in dreadful

Treasure: a Victorian insect

Of theoretical pleasures 

I go become for both 

Of yous.

And no more, I say; 

No more, I tell; 

No more, I  declaim:

Instead an individual 


An independence bred of 

Daily said:

My life belongs no longer 

To M nor K at all:

The horns of the bull I must now soon

Grasp fearless

Belong to these two 

Women of that dreadful real strife

My life has been and gone and struck:

Wife and 

Lover together, I now see.

So thank you 

C for 

Truth, at l[e]ast …

Thank you C

For this M[E]

You’ve made.

Just answer me one final

Point of 


Why does truth 

End up

So weary, my dear?

Why can’t we hug and touch?

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