Verb (tr.): to schoolmarm another

I stopped loving you

When you started to



I stopped wanting to be with you

When you stopped wanting to

See me truly as 

I truly am.

I stopped loving your beautiful thoughts 

When I caught you unable to

Move from the certainty of

Your awful claimed infirmity.

Sadly, dear K, there is nothing

Left at all that 

I ever want to investigate nor

Wander enthralled.

And whilst there are still people of

Your family I would treasure 

So bold

Your mania for measuring

Everything I did

Means no longer 

Do I sense truth from

Your side of the fence.

For me you now sit

In pittance of sold and bought

Where freedom to dose

Replaces a lifetime of fun.

And as you are now done 

With exploring the whirled

I am utterly now done

With everything of you.

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