What you DO when you love, it mainly ain’t 

What you do mainly ain’t what true love’s about:

what true love’s about is that instant understanding,

that kindly manly womanly connecting*,

and watching and sensing and seeing and gazing.

So, in fact, I still love you as I did yesterday; what’s changed is 

I fear truly my perception of you was – right from the start –

entirely untrue: you know what I mean?  A projection 

quite hologramic: a tick on the long list of my life’s 

easy assumptions: a conclusion reached wildly 

without consultation … you do know I assume?

And you see what I now dread?  You now understand what’s 



my said?

My ability to understand anyone no longer exists: I am long

wrong; all long wrong; quite gone; out of my head.

* In my case, I mean – don’t get me wrong re other humans …

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