impulsive i’m not / [sincerely] in love i am*

so they tell me i’m [hard]ly impulsive:

but you tell me: what does impulsive mean?

reading thoughts and intentions into the minds of beautiful people when 

nothing of the sort is there?

projecting like mad kaleidoscope onto the

ceelings of dialogues which otherwise could be 

openly real and 

brokenly truthful?

determinedly refusing to accept you’re not needed by

the person you impossibly 


if not being impulsive is to be seriously considered a critique of negative measure 

instead of a treasure of wonderful discovery, then I prefer (unwillingly in the 

extreme mind, it has to be

read) to remain an unopened 

box of pandora’s w[h]iles,

than become that techie plaything of foolish 

dis[traction] you proposed 

this long time

[in tow].

* and so still I C our chance, and would love the opportunity …


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