[Get t{his}!] / [Ci{tiz}en X]

Let me place – on some productive corner – the following information

on the table:

if I am able


if I can;

if you allow me without

a too inelegant prohibition,

or de-permission,

or simply downright outright wronging

donging dinging ban.


When I suggested I was looking to return to the

passed to pursue a reality

which had been denied me for so long,

I said it on a number of occasions

to a number of people

who inspired me, it is true;

who inspired me for so long.

But out of all of those who surely should have known better

one woman last year cut off all communication: my ex-lover;

whilst another one – my long-suffered wife – has

refused to support me – at all! –

in retrieving

my once grand sensibility

through the process of proceeding my battle enjoined

to the next quite terrifying step.


So I ask you a question, and

I ask it quite clear:

why of all the two people in this maddening whirled – who

might not have supported me

in clearing my name and changing my destiny –

do the couple I have mentioned agree on this one thing?

Don’t you wonder right now what on earth

is going on?



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