My anchor

My life needs an anchor.


That isn’t quite true.

My life wants an anchor.

Not just any old anchor.

An anchor for two beautiful people.

An anchor not to drag but to flag.

An anchor to set sail into deep blue sea.

An anchor to set sail into grand yellow dawn.

An anchor to parallel two lives, incomplete to date.

An anchor which attached itself on Bloomsday last year.

An anchor which will set a ship of fable on its way.

An anchor which will move us both on such a grandiloquent way.

An anchor of Me and Cee, and Cee and Me, and points all en-


An anchor of freedom and destination, liberty.

An anchor which leads to a be for Cee, and a be for Me, and a be for US to make A together.

An anchor which reveals us finally now, the one to the other, 

and never another. 

An anchor – ultimately – of love and life and thrive and drive,

and just the best this whirled provides.

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