[{Who REALLY needs} looking at] {IT}

It’s not me that needs support for what these people have done to me.

I’ve never needed support: only justice.

And in the absence of such justice, precisely those who committed the crimes are those who’ve been defining me with their offers of support.

Your medicalisation; your criminalisation; that sensation you transmit to the rest of my society about the illness you say I have so individually.

Whilst all this time you made up these lies to cover you arses with the flies of the shit you spat out and saw rightly to spread over and above the reputation you assigned me.

I don’t need your support; never did; never will.

What I need, above all, is not the law of your courts but the justice of every man, woman and child, who your actions behind-the-scenes have disgracefully defiled.

Don’t give me your medication or your therapy.

Instead give me a world fit for the freedoms of humanity.

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