2 + 2 may = 5 these days …

… but support still doesn’t equal help.

The support yous propose would force me to just ameliorate 

precisely the situations yous choose to impose.

So making out I need these professions, and attentions, and discussions, and debates, and strange rebates of curious financial stature, 

only leads to the leaving in goddamn place of your criminal infrastructure of pain-ridden insane.

By advising me so, yous aim to maintain your hold on the levers of power 

which power your fames.

By advising me so, yous uncover your true nature: a culture like no other, 

biotic in name.

By advising me so, yous just want me to feel less sad; 

yous want millions of people like me and my tad to leave well open and clear, by our sorry default, the future you so covet; 

the future for a violence like the selves you look to see.

Don’t sell the donkey – nor hand over the monkey! – that support equals some help, a lesser of two [we]evils, 

in the absence of a justice impossible.

Tell it straight; tell it clear; tell it far and near, and weird.

Tell it – finally – like it is: you make it public policy to ameliorate this hurt, so ordinary folk will permit 

the carpet 

to go and cover, eagerly,

the dirt.

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