Sold and bought: you’ve taught me well

I resisted for so long

The want of cash and the spending of dosh and 

Those clashes and dissonances of

Brought up to be kind and

Then told to be cruel

As a tool of a society and a hierarchy fierce of 

Bold and new, and 

Clued up and 


But now you have 

Shown me the way tough and rough, and

Hatefully laughing at the me once I believed in.

And so shortly I’ll become a buyer of all:

A lover of nothing: 

A user quite prepared – now and 

Then when 

Fancy takes – to abuse

Some poor other for

Some sad old 


And that is the lesson of sold and bought 

You’ve taught me: whilst 

Love gives nothing 


Sex is so easy consumed.

Rejoice, then, in the

Wisdoms of the

Century we live: in the hisdoms and herdoms and 

Theydoms and wedoms:

The people who make that money out of others

Who find no respite from their ugly 

Position as wallflower dying in

Garden of hiding 


In that sorted 


Old place 

We now occupy,

Where that terrifying



Sold and


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