[IN BOLD] I gotta go …

I gotta go:

I know now I must.

I trusted in being,

And making right work.

And I spent all this time

Losing in love.

And I know now how wrong 

I was;

And I’m sorry I longed

For another two lives,

Instead of one with just you

Which was cool – and

Full – of passionate fight.

A life which 

Alongside your 


Maybe once could have been,

And which now fairly seems

Impossible to see

On any dimpled horizon

Which would make my



So I just do gotta go

And choose you over her.

And even when 

You don’t actually want 

The me I’ve been ended up,

And you never did love me –

And I question right true

How a beautiful woman

Of fabulous self could ever 

Love a man like this:

Ever love a man as clearly 

am –

I still will be choosing the

State of independence

Over the awful tolling 

Of that bell of fooled dependence:

The bell she rang out loud and

Never once really wowed.

The sadness of a life 

Without hug of any nature;

The sadness of an embrace 

With no entry nor exit 

To race the heart gladly;

No in nor out 

Nor sprawling amongst you; 

No yawning before nor around 

Nor just over you.

Ever your warm sex in awe

And bewilderment …

… no, none of that’s 

Been for me, ever

And ever.

And so you do

Now know it all:

Why I just gotta go.

That’s exactly all

There is to say: 

And now all I need to do 

Is to say it to her.

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