I now begin to smile at my whys and wherefores 

where before I could only weep.

Does this make me also

kinda wiser than I was – 

or just simply 

unencumbered by the trying and lying and 

to-ing and

fro-ing of all those latecomers, and latecomings, to 


In every sense and

very sense and

ery sense and

ry sense and

y sense and

sense sense 

I’ve been able to beat back

the violence of bait and 

the silence of spite and

the tying of grim to the

vehicles of state.

And it’s a good feeling, is this –

to John Nash my recovery;

to manage my seeing 

through the brain of my reasoning; 

to famish and then fashion the truth out of

treasoning; and then to use

that betrayal 

as a clear way of reading 

the future of “What if …?”; 

the grandeur

of humanity; 

the bewonderment

of community; 

the freedom of

the bell which tolls liberty

for us all.

And if no more we can learn than this thing I try to teach, let

us dig deep below the surface of age

to where our childhoods still glow in hope, and remake

and the remake I hope for is that one where we 

all do recall that effervescence of considerate


those moments of extraordinariness: 

those seconds of joy: 

those minutes and hours, and weeks and months 

of touching, and believing and reaching 

up high, so up high,

to those places of life –

to those wheres

where the lies of our elders can no longer win 

their wars of attrition;

their wars of old sin.

So tell me again – and sing me this know – 

the kiss and the hug and the bow of knotted love;

and the cultured bow of an ancient recognition; 

and the prow of that ship which passed us all by 

on the nights we did lose so idiotically:

so foolishly;

so hurtfully;

so strangely;

so goddamn cruelly …

… yer know?

And the stern of that journey that recounted our

farewells – do you remember how true that 

hard was to become?

I remember them well.

I remember them all well.

And all I remember is the well I want now to 

spell: to spell and to speak

and to eagerly breach,

and to one day learn wonderfully to share 


our meet.

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