US never were them.

US never were us either.

US never were more than a declaration declaimed

surely, and then proclaimed

poorly, by those who spoke


but not plain.

And above and beyond fine

words of pursuit must 

lie rich and kindly 

those hands of 


given freely 

in shivering awe,

in that space of life 

which love always 


For without the compassion 

that tears bring to the act

there is nothing in fact

we can do.

The law helps so little 

when the spirit disappears 

from the valleys of sex

and love and real being,

and the seeing and the

scent of the pleasure you

sent by such overcoming,



these two togathering

bodies as one; this race

so bad begun and 

so sadly won.

So don’t be a US which 

refuses the [h]our:

be a US which ennobles

the A.

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