10/10 #happymil

Truth is beauty.

Beauty is truth-


And full-

Happy is 10/10.

* There were moments and times, untimed and unmeant, when desperation had bested him far worse than anything his life had ever brought him.

But the resolution of fabulous understanding comprehensively sent him into paroxysms of oxymoronic intelligence.

It sounded all too weird for anyone else to comprehend; even so, he was sure that if C did not finally want, an understandable resistance in the circumstances which had circumscribed them, one day someone out there would.

And that, finally, was quite enough to settle down to creating and working and operating and thriving.

That, finally, was all he needed.

That, finally, was just about everything he expected.

Except, of course …

… the touch of her lips as they brushed his kiss, in that very first second of 



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