The love of so many lifetimes*

They tell you it’s true;

and you begin to believe – but whilst you

suspect, as S. Holmes must do,

you still cannot fathom – as if bebooted in lead –

the t-

ruth of the natter at all.

And where they have led you,

and why they have led you,

and where they are now leading you,

you still fail to see.

So does this make them all that much cleverer than you;

or are you –

actually – just 

stupider than them?

* And you’ve often wondered how many times, if only you’d piped up, what love might have taken place with what people you’d have then gone and run life’s race.

But equally, it’s quite true, do you really know how many kindly others fell similarly in love with the you who you clearly were, at that case and place and rhyme all told – and simply were unable to ever let you know in time?  

Simply were unable to make together in pleasure the life you could have had so fine …

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