Ever since I = money

Ever since I discovered all about the 

night-time economy;

Ever since I discovered how the spaces are really, literally 

designed and engineered to make all urge of public sex 

OK if framed as 

commodified activity;

Ever since I was told all that,

and ever since I read,

and ever since I then stopped trusting the veracity of actuality,

and my own reactions,

and the numbing lack of spontaneity in the behaviours I thought I freely exhibited

when I walked golden streets,

and made golden treats,

and stepped golden beats

and all,

I find I can now 

no longer easily 

look a beautiful woman in her beautiful face

(as her peer and 

similar, I mean;

as her real honest familiar),

who I’ve yet to be properly 

introduced to, quite tight,

in some place which won’t inevitably 

= money.

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