When it’s no longer personal …

… is when it becomes understandable.

… is when it leaps into recovery.

… is when it hits a note of harmonic high.

… is when the wherefores and whys lose their power to despise.

… is when the harps you fell in love with come out of cocoons of hidden.

… is when you begin to believe in butterfly, even as your sighs will multiply.

… is when you can be finally cool; and when no more must you squat between awkward stool.

… is when your unspecial nature makes you special like us all.

… is when the future begins to have so much more power than the past you once did prefer.

“Do not say the moment was imagined / Do not stoop to strategies like this …”

“… and you were bewildered by a meaning / Whose code was broken / Crucifix uncrossed …”

“… say goodbye to Alexandra leaving / Then say goodbye to Alexandra lost.”

“Alexandra Leaving (Live in Dublin)” by Leonard Cohen on Amazon Music. 


Douglas Hurd’s “The Search for Peace”. On Georgia: “A country whose main products are apples, wine and brandy should one day be happy.” 


I already love apples and wine. Would you be happy, then, to say even I am almost there?

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